Abstracts Submission

Abstract submission is realized at the website of Symposium http://frumkinsymp.ru/.

Submission of the abstracts by e-mail prepared using Frumkin Abstract Template.doc is also possible but is very undesirable.

Upon choosing Register/Submit button at the first page of the site a participant will be redirected to Registration&Submission Engine (RSE) of our congress service partner, where all further operations connected with the abstract submission, registration fee payment, visa application and culture program will be organized.

Each participant can submit two abstracts: one for oral presentation and one for poster presentation or two posters. However, the number of preliminary applications for an oral presentation exceeds strongly the number of available slots in the Symposium schedule while additional applications may be submitted before May 27. Therefore, the Program Committee will have to make a selection of oral presentations on the basis of abstracts.

Please note that the Title, Author(s), Affiliation(s), e-mail lines and margins of the abstract for publication will be automatically generated by the RSE according to the necessary requirements after entering appropriate information at the website.  

Therefore, a participant should prepare the body of the abstract only. Abstract should be prepared in English, be one page long, single-spaced, using a 12-point Times New Roman font. To estimate the length of the abstract use a standard A4 paper (210x297 mm) with 25 mm margins from all edges of the sheet. However, one should not forget to leave space for the title, authors, affiliations and e-mail lines that will be added automatically.

The first line of each paragraph in the body of the abstract should have a 12.5 mm indent.

It is preferable to insert the drawings and images in the Microsoft Word Picture or JPG format (please, avoid using BMP, Excel or Corel Draw insertions, as it leads to significant increase of the file size and unpredictable look of your picture on our computer). To insert special symbols into the text please use only standard fonts such as “Symbol” and “Wingdings”.

References format: please adhere to the Electrochimica Acta standard (see example below).

Before the submission the abstract should be saved as a DOC (97-2003 not higher) or RTF-file as only these formats can be uploaded into the RSE.

The abstract file size must not exceed 2 MB.

The RSE offers to a participant an opportunity to preview the abstract before finalizing the submission. In addition, before May 27 one can at any moment withdraw the submitted abstract and upload a revised version.

The final versions of the abstracts should be uploaded before May 27, 2015. Step-by-step instruction for registering and uploading your abstract can be downloaded from the “Abstracts” page of the Symposium website (http://frumkinsymp.ru/index.php/event/abstracts).


1. K. Tammeveski, K. Kontturi, R.J. Nichols, R.J. Potter, D.J. Schiffrin, J. Electroanal. Chem. 515 (2001) 101.

2. O.A. Dyomina, N.P. Berezina, T. Sata, A.V. Dyomin, Elektrohimiya (in Russian) 38 (2000) 1002.

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