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Нow to get to the conference venue

•  Нow to get to the conference venue from the Prince Park Hotel

We suggest the Participants to use the metro "Tyoply Stan", which is situated close to the Prince Park Hotel

    • The route from the Prince Park Hotel to metro Teply Stan

Then you should go towards center 7 metro stations (abt. 30 min). There is the only one line, 2 railways: trains on one railway moves towards center, trains on the opposite side move from the center.

  • The Moscow metro map

IPCE RAS is situated at the “Leninskiy Prospekt” metro station. There are two ways out (one is closer to IPCE RAS, the other is longer– both are marked on scheme); if you want to go out with the closer one – you should ENTER at the HEAD end of the train at Tyoply Stan metro station, so that when you arrive to the Leninsky Prospect metro station you are near to the right way out.

  • The route from the metro Leninsky Prospekt to the IPCE

Please note the bus transfer will be organized from IPCE RAS to the Prince Park Hotel

  • on Oct 20 at 8:05 pm after the Welcome Party and
  • on Oct 23 at 9:05 pm after the Conference Dinner!


IPCE RAS is situated within walking distance from your hotel.

  • the route from the metro Leninsky Prospekt to the IPCE

Please note the bus transfer will be organized from IPCE RAS to the Leo and Castello hotels

  • on Oct 20 at 8:05 pm after the Welcome Party and
  • on Oct 23 at 9:05 pm after the Conference Dinner!


There will be a mini-bus which will shuttle between the KORSTON HOTEL and the Institute (IPCE RAS)

  • on Oct 20 at 8:00 pm IPCE RAS - Korston hotel (after the Welcome Party)
  • on Oct 21 at 8:25 am Korston hotel – IPCE RAS
  • on Oct 21 at 7:00 pm IPCE RAS – Korston hotel
  • on Oct 22 at 8:55 am Korston hotel – IPCE RAS
  • on Oct 22 at 7:00 pm IPCE RAS – Korston hotel
  • on Oct 23 at 8:55 am Korston hotel – IPCE RAS
  • on Oct 23 at 7:00 pm IPCE RAS – Korston hotel
  • on Oct 23 at 9:00 pm Korston hotel (after the Conference Dinner)

Get Taxi

 We suggest to download the Gett mobile application (supported by IPhone, Ipad, Android)
to our Participants in order to move comfortably about Moscow

You can track your driver on the map in real-time mode

    • step 1

  • step 2

  • step 3

  The App is available both in Russian and English

Any taxi ride can be paid by the credit card online, instantly and commission-free

  • step 4

It is possible to book a taxi for a certain hour in advance or for now

  • step 5

  Offered options and the App Menu


  • step 6


  • step 7


  • step 8


  • step 9

  If you want to be met with a banner (with your name marked on it) in the airport
you have to drop a comment for your driver


  • step 10


  • step 11

  In case you need to be met with a banner in the airport,
you have to pay the parking cost additionally, according to the existing fares in the airport

The ride rates around Moscow

  • step 12

  • step 13

  • step 14

  • step 15

If any trouble with your request arises please contact the "CustomerCare" +7 (499) 999 08 39

The Customer Support works 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year (even during the Holidays).
Just push the button on your phone and there will always be someone on the other side of the line to help you.

Important Dates

27.05.15 – Deadline for abstract submission.

16.06.15 – Notification of authors on the type of presentation (oral or poster).

30.06.15 – Deadline for early bird and oral presentation fee payments. After this date: ca. 25% fee's increase, accepted oral presentations are transferred automatically to posters.

05.10.15 – Deadline for registration, hotel booking and visa application at the Symposium site.

20.10.15 – Welcome Party.

21-23.10.15 – Symposium Sessions.

Symposium fee

150(190 after 30.06.15) euro - regular participant (welcome party, admission to sessions, coffee breaks, Conference Program and Book of Abstracts);

50(65) euro – student (same as participant, recommendation letter from teaching professor or PhD supervisor is required).

75(95) euro – visitor (same as participant, no presentation, no abstract publication)

50(65) euro – accompanying person (visa support, hotel booking support, welcome party).

One participant/student can submit two abstracts – one oral and one poster or two posters.

Abstracts Submission

Abstract submission is realized at the website of Symposium http://frumkinsymp.ru/.

Submission of the abstracts by e-mail prepared using Frumkin Abstract Template.doc is also possible but is very undesirable.

Upon choosing Register/Submit button at the first page of the site a participant will be redirected to Registration&Submission Engine (RSE) of our congress service partner, where all further operations connected with the abstract submission, registration fee payment, visa application and culture program will be organized.

Each participant can submit two abstracts: one for oral presentation and one for poster presentation or two posters. However, the number of preliminary applications for an oral presentation exceeds strongly the number of available slots in the Symposium schedule while additional applications may be submitted before May 27. Therefore, the Program Committee will have to make a selection of oral presentations on the basis of abstracts.

Please note that the Title, Author(s), Affiliation(s), e-mail lines and margins of the abstract for publication will be automatically generated by the RSE according to the necessary requirements after entering appropriate information at the website.  

Therefore, a participant should prepare the body of the abstract only. Abstract should be prepared in English, be one page long, single-spaced, using a 12-point Times New Roman font. To estimate the length of the abstract use a standard A4 paper (210x297 mm) with 25 mm margins from all edges of the sheet. However, one should not forget to leave space for the title, authors, affiliations and e-mail lines that will be added automatically.

The first line of each paragraph in the body of the abstract should have a 12.5 mm indent.

It is preferable to insert the drawings and images in the Microsoft Word Picture or JPG format (please, avoid using BMP, Excel or Corel Draw insertions, as it leads to significant increase of the file size and unpredictable look of your picture on our computer). To insert special symbols into the text please use only standard fonts such as “Symbol” and “Wingdings”.

References format: please adhere to the Electrochimica Acta standard (see example below).

Before the submission the abstract should be saved as a DOC (97-2003 not higher) or RTF-file as only these formats can be uploaded into the RSE.

The abstract file size must not exceed 2 MB.

The RSE offers to a participant an opportunity to preview the abstract before finalizing the submission. In addition, before May 27 one can at any moment withdraw the submitted abstract and upload a revised version.

The final versions of the abstracts should be uploaded before May 27, 2015. Step-by-step instruction for registering and uploading your abstract can be downloaded from the “Abstracts” page of the Symposium website (http://frumkinsymp.ru/index.php/event/abstracts).


1. K. Tammeveski, K. Kontturi, R.J. Nichols, R.J. Potter, D.J. Schiffrin, J. Electroanal. Chem. 515 (2001) 101.

2. O.A. Dyomina, N.P. Berezina, T. Sata, A.V. Dyomin, Elektrohimiya (in Russian) 38 (2000) 1002.

 logo wordDownload Abstract Template 

Download Step-by-step instruction to submit abstracts

K2 Elements

We have implemented few useful templates for K2 component. These templates can be enabled in the K2 category configuration.

Events templates

Events templates usage should be connected with the specific extra fields (set the bolded names as aliases of the custom fields):
  • eventhours - text field with hours of the event
  • eventspeaker - link field with URL to the speaker page
  • eventvenue - text field with venue of the event
  • eventeventbrite - textarea field with code for the Eventbrite button

Above extra fields will be used on the event item display:

Event item screen

Speakers and Sponsors templates

Templates for sponsors and speakers are very similar - on both cases user can use own Extra Fields which will be displayed on the right side of the every item:

Speaker item screen

If you need to achieve the subtitle in the speakers list, please separate the lines using the -- string - then the text after this fragment will be displayed as a subtitle.