Registration and Abstract Submission

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Registration and abstract submission is expectedly to be opened early in March; the date will be announced at the symposium site.

Registration and abstract's submission procedure

Those who plan to make presentation(s) at the Symposium (up to two presentations of the oral or/and poster type(s) per presenting author) are invited to create a personal account at the Symposium website (http://frumkinsymp.ru) in order to fill in the registration form and to submit abstract(s) of presentation:

After completion of the registration procedure (with the receipt of the above confirmation message) you can either proceed with submission of your abstract(s) or logout and submit your abstract(s) later.

To submit an abstract:

Payment of the conference fee is not needed at this stage.

Young Scientists (age under 30, no PhD degree), who are to deliver ONLY POSTER presentation(s) are eligible for submitting ONE of these contributions ALSO for a SHORT ORAL presentation within the Student Oral Session (Section 9).
To claim such a participation in the Student Oral Session one should include words "Student Oral Session" into the text field: “Remark/Message from…” in the course of submission of its abstract at the Registration site.
Applications for such short oral presentations within Section 9 will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee of the principal section (from 1 to 8) where this poster contribution is submitted.

Email messages confirming the abstract(s) submission will be sent automatically from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address to your email address(es) (including the reserve email addresses) indicated in the course of your registration procedure. Please ensure that they will not be placed into the "Spam" folder of your e-mail program/server.

Deadline for registration and abstract submission has been extended until the end of the epidemics period (the date will be announced later).

Definitive deadlines for submission (different for "Oral" and "Poster" presentations) will be announced later at the Symposium website.

Notification on the status of a presentation

Expected conference fees of participants of the Frumkin Symposium:

200 euro - for a regular participant;
100 euro - for a Young scientist (age under 30, no PhD degree);
  15 euro - per each abstract submitted by an Absentee participant (not more than two abstracts per participant).

Regular or young scientist’s conference fee covers participation in the symposium, presentation of one or two contributions and the publication of their abstracts in the Book of Abstracts.

Definitive size of conference fees and payment deadlines as well as the description of the payment procedure will be announced on the symposium website by May 31, 2020.

Fees will be additionally reduced (compared to the above values) in the case of expected significant support from national sources.

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